Author: Dirk Hagemann
Difficulty: medium

Palm Muting

Another quiet easy technique which is very usefull especially when you play rhythm guitar or chords during a song. Palm muting is used to mute the strings while you play it. Depending on how much damp the strings you can get a really dark and heavy sound or just use it to prevent unwanted noises from the strings. Especially on the electric guitar this technique sounds very good!

For palm muting (short p.m.) lay the edge of your palm lightly near the bridge on the strings of your guitar. But beware, you don´t want to kill the notes you play!

Play the following riff while you´re muting the strings.

mp3 Listen to a mp3 of this palm-muting Lick 


Excercises for Palm Muting 

mp3 Listen to mp3 of the palm-muting Exercises 

Palm muting


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