Author: Dirk Hagemann
Difficulty: easy

Slide Guitar - Important Rules:

When you play slide guitar, you don´t press the strings down, like you play with your fingers. Let the bottleneck slide directly ofter the strings to the desired fret. Here I´ll list a few more techniques you need when you play slide guitar.

The Slide/Bottleneck: Put the slide on the finger you feel most comfortable. Most players use the ring- or little finger. Just consider that you may need some fingers to play some notes or shuffles on the strings and that you use the fingers behind the slide are used to mute the strings to prevent unwanted noises. If you wear your slide on the ringfinger you´d use forefinger and middlefinger to mute the strings.

Tips to play Slide Guitar

1. Don't press to hard on the strings. Let the slide move lightly above the strings.
2. Move the slide above the frets, not in the middle of a fret like playling with your fingers.
3. Keep the fingers behind the slide together to mute the strings behind the slide.
4. Experiment with open tunings for best results. Open-G is perfect for beginners.
5. Experiment with different kind of slides: different length, thickness and material... Ebook - "Easy to learn Blues Guitar"

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