Author: Dirk Hagemann
Difficulty: easy
Notes: The bending is one of the most used techniques in every blues solo.

Guitar Bendings

The Bending is one of the main techniques in every guitar play. It´s used in nearly every song and you can hear it everywhere! With a bending it´s possible to raise the note a semitone or a whole-tone. But you have to practise a little bit to get a clear, good bending. You can support the finger which makes the bending with your other fingers to get a good bend. E.g. if you pull a string upward with your middle finger, can support him with the ring and the small finger!

Different Bendings

Normal Bending: You simply a hit a note and during the sound of the note, you begin to bend the string up- or downwards to reach another note.

Pre-bends: Here you pull up the string, before you hit the string. That means that you only hear the bended note.

Release-Bend: Here you play a normal bend, but during the sound of the bended note, you slowly let the string get back into the normal position without interrupting the sound!

Practise 1 - Half-tone-Bending: We want to bend the G-string on the 7th fret a half-tone higher. To know how the sound of the destination note sounds, you hit the G-string on the 8th fret. Listen to the tone. Then bend the the G-string on the 7th fret until you hear the sound of the note you heard before!

Practise 2 - Whole-tone-Bending: Now we bend a string a whole-tone. Hit the G-String on the 9th fret and listen to the sound of the note. Then you bend the same string on the 7th fret until you hear the same note again that you heard before.

Practise 3 - Bend-and-Release: Play a bend like you´ve done in Practise 1 or 2 but let the string get back into normal position without interrupting the sound

Practise 1 Practice 2 Practice 3

mp3 Listen to a mp3 of all three Bendings

Bending Exercises



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