Author: Dirk Hagemann
Difficulty: medium/advanced
Notes: Learn to play this Blues song with this special easy version.

Hideaway - Easy Version

Tips how to play this song
Tip 1:

It´s a 12-bar-Blues in E, these 12-Bars are repeated 9 times.
So you should know the E-Minor-pentatonic scale for this
This is the chord-progression: |E|E|E|E| |A|A| |E|E| |B| |A| |E| |B|
I seperated it in 9 parts, so you can learn every part alone and then go on to the next part.

Tip 2:

The Solo: Here you need the E-Minor pentatonic-scale/Blues-scale beginning from the 12th fret.
I made difficult licks a little bit easier for you, so you should be able to play this solo if you know the notes of the pentatonic-scale.

Part I: Place your index finger on the D and G string and play the 11th fret /w your ring finger
Part 2. Play the notes of the E and A chords ;-) Place your index finger on the B and the middle finger on the G string
Part 3
Part 4: Play the notes of the E-minor-pentatonic-scale
Part 5
Part 6: A great shuffle rhythm Start to practice it very slow to learn this rhythm
Part 7 - 9 : Play the notes of the E-minor pentatonic scale 

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