p pattern

Like the first pattern we stay in the keytone G. And the second pattern on the fingerboard looks like this (see below).
Practise: Play the second pattern from the the high E-string to the low E-string and back

minor pattern

mp3 Listen to mp3

Pattern Exercise

Now you know the first two patterns. Practise them, until you can play them easily and smoothly!

Practise: Move the patterns on the fingerboard into other keys!

Now we take a look how the two patterns can be connected on the fingerboard

1=Notes from Pattern 1
2=Notes from Pattern 2
1/2=common notes from Pattern 1 and 2


Practise both patterns alone and in connection on the fingerboard! Practice the first pattern back and forth, then slide down to the 6th fret to play the second pattern back and forth. So you´ll be able to learn these pattern very fast.

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