Author: Dirk Hagemann
Difficulty: medium
Notes: now we add a note to the pentatonic scale - the "Blue note". So we get the Blues Scale

The Blues Scale is an extension of the pentatonic scale with the addition of one extra note, the flat 5th or called the Blues note. This note brings some extra colour and feeling into your guitar playing. But don´t think the Blues scale is just used in Blues music. You can find the use of it in nearly any guitar based music. From Classic Blues to Nu-Metal. If you want to learn the Blues scale it´s best that you know the pentatonic minor-scale first!

Like in the pentatonic lesson we stay in the key of G and here are the five patterns of the Blues Scale!
The "new" Blues notes are shown in blue! ;-)

Blues Scale Pattern 1 


Blues Scale Pattern 2 


Blues Scale Pattern 3 


Blues Scale Pattern 4 


BluesScale Pattern 5 


Practice the Blues Scale in the key of G 

Play from the the high E-string to the low E-string and back. Use one finger for each fret. 


At least we have an image of the Blues scale with all 5 patterns. You can use it for any key you want to play.

blues scale



GuitarPro Bluesscale in G Ebook - "Easy Blues Solos"

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