Author: Dirk Hagemann
Difficulty: easy


The Vibrato is the characteristic of B.B. King sound. With a Vibrato you can let your guitar sing. And it s quite simple: The movement of the Vibrato comes from the wrist. Hit the string and move your wrist smoothly up and down, so that your finger on the string produces a warm vibrato.

The faster the movement of your wrist is, the better or longer is the sound of the Vibrato. In tabfiles you see a Vibrato written like this

The secret of the B.B. King Vibrato is, that the only part of his hand that touches the guitar, is the fingertip on the string. So he can really shake his wrist to get his great vibrato tone!

So, let s practise this!

Vibrato Exercise 

mp3 Listen to a mp3 the Vibrato Excercises 



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