Author: Dirk Hagemann
Difficulty: medium - advanced

How do famous guitar players pick so fast? They´re using a method called "Alternate Picking". This lesson will help you getting faster and faster! ;-) To start, hold your pick between thumb and index-finger and lay your palm on strings like you learnt in the "Palm-Muting"-lesson. The most important technique for fast picking are the up- and downstrokes of your pick.

Now sttart to play up- and downstrokes in a slow tempo at first! If you feel any pain while you play stop immediatly. Take any pain serious and take a rest until you feel better! You don´t want to damage your hand or wrist because that would force you to stop playing!

Lets move to the Exercises!

Try to practice with a metronome and start at a slow speed. If you don´t have a metronome take a look at the Guitar Freeware page.

mp3 Listen to mp3 of this Exercise



GuitarPro Picking Speed

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