Ebook 6 - Understand the 7 Modes

Ebook 6 - Understanding the 7 modes

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You play some scales and the Minor Pentatonic, but you want to enhance your licks, add other notes and sounds to your guitar play?

Then the Modes are just right for you!

You may heard or read their names before: Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian

Unfortunately there are a lot of articles, discussions and videos about Modes online, but most of the time, these videos and articles are more confusing than helpful and lead to more questions than answers.

I´m not one of these guys, and as I finally understood the modes, I wondered why people can´t explain them, as easy as they are.

Now I’ll try to bring you that kind of knowledge.
I won´t bore you with useless or confusing information you will probably never need to know.

If you have understood the Minor Pentatonic Scale, you´re ready to move on with the Modes.
And after reading this ebook you will be ready implement the new notes in your guitar play.
You´ll be able to play more melodic licks, create other moods and much more.

What you get:

An Ebook with explanations to all 7 Modes plus the Major-Pentatonic.
You´ll get explanations to all Modes and where you can use them.
You´ll find informations about the relationship from Modes to Pentatonics and which famous guitar player is using which mode.
For every Mode we have several licks you can practice
Plus GuitarPro and mp3 files for all lessons of this book!

Price: only $15

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 Purchase online the ebook plus all mp3 and GuitarPro files in a ZIP-file

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