Backing Tracks Package 1 - The 12-Bar-Blues

Blues mp3-Backing Track Collection #1

Here is the first edition of my Blues Backing Tracks. If you like to jam in your own living room, just take these tracks.

You´ll get 16 (!)  mp3 files in different keys and with different Blues rhyhtms.

All files are new and made with real instruments, no computer drum, bass or guitar parts!

What you get:

  •  16 mp3 backing tracks which cover various Blues rhythms in different keys.
  • You can play your solos, practice your scales and play with a „real band“.
  • In a PDF-file included in the archive you´ll get information about each track like the key and the chord progressions.

 Line Image

Download to a short mp3 sample
Sound Image   mp3 Sample
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Price: only $15,00

Purchase online the Blues mp3-Backing Track Collection #1

For secure payment I decided to use PayPal because it´s free, easy to use and safe!