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Gibson - ES-335

The Gibson ES-335 was developed in 1957. Gibson wanted to build a guitar, which came on the one hand sound-technically close to the solid-body guitars, but on the other hand which would be lighter than the other solid-body guitars. The series was called semi-solid guitar. The pick-ups were installed into a wood block, which runs top-to-bottom through the body as a continuation of the neck. This helps give a good Sustain. Likewise affecting the sound are the two "f"-shaped openings, which you can also find on a violin.

The body of the 1958 built ES-335T consisted of maple, the neck of Mahogany with a glued-on fingerboard of rosewood. Coloured there were 1958 two remarks: "Sunburst" and "Natural" (ES-335TN). 1960 came then still the lacquer finish "cherry red" in addition (ES-335 TDC). Over the years there were still some successors e.g. ES-345 and IT -340.

                Alvin Lee´s Guitar                                     B.B. Kings Lucille

Alvin Lee   B.B. King Lucille


Gibson - Les Paul

The first Gibson Les Paul was brought out 1952. It should be Gibson's answer to the bestseller Telecaster of the Fender company. From the principle the Les Paul is so developed: The cap (upper) consists of maple, because of the bright and crisp sound, the body (lower) consists of Mahogany, because of the warm and soft sound. In 1954 they used the TIC Bridge finally followed 1957 by the Humbuckers.

This combination give these guitars their completely own sound. 1958 offered Gibson the Les Paul in cherry sunburst painted cover. This guitar is called today Les Paul Standard. Until today innumerably different models were brought on the market. An overview of it gives it on the official Gibson homepage. By the fat Humbucker sound established itself the guitar within nearly all styles of music played by artists like Gary Moore or Slash. 

Les Paul 1  Les Paul 2

Soundsamples: This are short extractions from Sound Demo files in mp3-format played with Fender Stratocaster guitars

* Soundsample Les Paul 1 (262 kb)
* Soundsample Les Paul 2 (243 kb)
* Soundsample Les Paul 3 (269 kb)

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