The Legato Lesson

Author: Dirk Hagemann & Fritz Mayr
Difficulty: advanced

The legato techique is no "real" blues technique but you can hear it very often because this technique ist used by all Bluesrock guitar players. This is a lesson for advanced players, because you need several techniques you learned before the Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs. .

If you play legato techniques loud and fast you can play them without using the left hand.You hit the first note and the following notes are only made by your fast hammers-ons and pull-offs.So there´s no special rule for using your pick or fingers when you play legato licks! But take care. Don´t play these licks to hard or with to much power. Start slow and always relax your arm and fingers!

Legato Excercise

Licks 5-8 created by Fritz Mayr!

Repeat every lick several times!

Lick 1: You often use small-barre-chords like these: Your index finger is the D and G string on the 5th fret and you use your ring or little finger to play the lick on the 7th fret.

Legato lesson


GuitarPro Legato Lesson

For futher exercises I added these GuitarPro files: The licks from Legato Legend Slash vom Guns´n Roses and the legendary solo from Lynyrd Skynyrd´s Free Bird (one time transposed into the key of E for easier exercise)

GuitarPro Legato - Free Bird Solo in E

GuitarPro Legato - Free Bird Solo

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