Blues Shuffle Rhythm

You can find the Blues Shuffle in songs, like e.g.. "Crossroads", "Pride & Joy", "Before you accuse me" and many other classic Bluessongs. Mostly only 2 strings are played at the same time. On the first frets you can play the most simple Shuffles for the chords E, A and D and B. Practices them individually and also one behind the other! - Shuffle Rhythms 

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For Shuffles on other frets and in other keys you need some more stretching in your fingers.
But with some pracice you can do that without bigger problems. - Shuffle in A

A 12-Bar-Blues Chords: I = A IV = D V = E 

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Shuffle in A - Shuffle in D

12-Bar-Blues Chords I = D IV = G V = A 

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Shuffle in D


GuitarPro Shuffle in A 

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